MH17 Shot Down by Pro-Russian Rebels: World On The Edge Of War
A Malaysia Airlines passenger jet was allegedl shot down by pro-russian rebels in a rebel-controlled part of eastern Ukraine on Thursday.

Super Typhoon Neoguri Lashes Japan
Hundreds of thousands of people have been urged to seek shelter as a powerful typhoon lashes Japan's Okinawa island chain.

Japan Nuclear Power Plants to be Hit by Super Typhoon
An unusual "July Super Typhoon" described as a "once in a decade storm" is heading north to hit Japan today.

Japan Approves Military Change: Pacifism is Over
Japan's cabinet has approved a landmark change in security policy, paving the way for its military to fight overseas.

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Fukushima TEPCO Trying to Re-Start All Nuclear Reactors
Tokyo Sarin Attack: Japan Releases Photos After 19 Years
Japanese People Support Capital Punishment, Justice Minister Said
Human Trafficking in Japan: The US Steps In "Slavery Must Stop In Japan"
Japan Tsunami Coast Monitored by Google Maps
Japan Bans Child Pornography Possession, But Not For Manga
NZ and Australia Furious Over Japan Whaling Move

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Discrimi-Nation: Nintendo Says "NO" to Gay Characters
Sony Tape Smashes Storage Record
Cyborg Glasses Express Fake Emotions
17 Deaths After Drug Injections
Developed Japan Stuck at Windows XP

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Better Japanese Economy = Shorter Skirts
Young girls in Japan have promised to wear shorter skirts if the Nikkei goes up...
Japan Cyclists Will Face Jail For Violating Traffic Laws

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