Developed Japan Stuck at Windows XP
10 April 2014

Photo: Microsoft Website

Yesterday Microsoft has decided to end their technical support for the venerable Windows XP operating system.

Now computer users will have to upgrade to a newer OS to be able to receive support, but faced with budget cuts and shortages, many Japanese local governments will be unable to upgrade their computers to a newer operating system, making their computers vulnerable to viruses if connected to the Internet.

Japan is still highly reliant on Microsoft’s venerable OS, and Japan has a very high percentage of PCs still running Windows XP. As of the moment, there is an estimated 7.23 million Windows XP-based PCs in Japan, including ones being used by companies. This total accounts for around 20 percent of all PCs in Japan.

Around 13 percent of all personal computers and laptops used by local governments, around 266,200 PCs, will not be upgraded.

The earlier solution was to disconnect all Windows XP PCs from the Internet, which will lessen the vulnerability to online security issues and viruses, but a local government official said that “it is hardly possible to say damage can be fully averted.”

by Ken Taro